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It's wonderful.

Tonight the good Mr. Seitzinger and I went to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind at the new AFI Silver Screen cinema in Silver Spring. Wow, on both counts. Fantastic movie, terrific venue. I'm so annoyed that I hadn't taken advantage of their wonderful offerings before – they play all kinds of terrific movies, and the theaters are small with individual seats, very intimate and lovely. I'm wondering how many more movies I can cram in there before I move.

Oh, and Mom? Sorry I caught Eternal Sunshine without you – I'll be happy to take you to see it when you and Dad come out. It's a great movie, and I'd be happy to see it again. :)


I concur wholeheartedly about Eternal Sunshine. Phenomenal film.

I haven't yet been to the AFI Silver, but just think — after this weekend, you will have produced a picture that'll be screening there!

Not too shabby, eh?

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