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How many emails do you get in a month?

So I just got my new PowerBook back from the shop. Yes, friends, my new PowerBook just spent a month in rehab because, apparently, its logic board went bad. Yeesh. Luckily, it was under warrantee, but I still had to make do with my old machine for a long time, which sort of kneecapped my productivity there for a while. I was just lucky said old machine still worked and was only mildly broken, not completely destroyed.

Words of wisdom: always keep a backup computer. Never, ever sell your spare.

Anyway, I use a POP client for my email. I know, I know, a webmail client would be much more useful, yadda yadda yadda. Whatever. One way or the other, I just set about downloading a month's worth of email. This is not something you ever want to see:


Note that "2295 new messages" alert is after's spam filters had their way with things. Another 2231 messages were sent straight to my junkmail, for a grand total of well over four thousand new messages. Jeebus!

UPDATE: So I whittled down the number of must-reads to 632. That means I get over 20 pieces of important mail a day. No wonder I always feel so behind! :)


Any hints on how I can cut down on my spam? Lately, I've been getting TONS of messages... It really sucks! ... And getting that many personal emails each day, you should feel SO loved!!! Of course, you are.

Considering how many of them are from clients asking for little tweaks that I please wouldn't mind not billing for... *sigh*

The first suggestion is to use something like (on Mac OS X; I seem to recall you're a Windows girl). The second is something *I'd* like to try too, a server-side spamkiller like SpamAssassin, but I'm reasonably certain Nick won't go for it.

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