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Going Hollywood.

I've done a lot of things in my life, and last weekend I added another new experience: I produced my first indie film.

Granted, it's only an eight-minute short for the 48 Hour Film Project, it was really the baby of Bill Coughlan, my "assistant producer" Kate Gibson probably did more actual producing than I did, and I got totally floored by a 104-degree temperature on the actual day of shooting, but it was a great, wonderful experience, and now I have the bug in more ways than one. While I'm still flat on my back with whatever this virus from Hades actually is, I'm mentally making plans for creating another short film, and then maybe another, and then maybe another...

Heh. Lots of my friends have been bitten by the dramatic bug, but I think I'm only one of a small handful that has no interest whatsoever in appearing in front of the camera. We'll get Kate and Jess and Talon and their friends to be in front of the camera, Bill or Shannon to direct, David Seitzinger to do the effects, Andy Rozsa and Scott Andrew LaPera to do the music, I'll do the writing, Kate and I will produce... I love having creative friends. Onward!



Hey, count me in.

I'd love to direct, but I want at least one pass at the script.

See? SEE? Now you understand! And you were working with video, too. Just wait- sooner or later, you'll experience the agony and the ecstasy that is 16mm film, and there will be no going back...

So, when do we get to see it? And then, after you've decided to overhaul a section of Inkblots to show streaming media, when can I send you some of mine? *grin*

OMG, bandwidth!

Tired of working with me already, heh?

I want to be in charge of COSTUMING!!!!

Sorry, Kori & Terry, that was deliberately an incomplete list! :)

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