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Get back here, Carl! is running a story on the return of 'The Dick Van Dyke Show'. Check out this passage:

Reiner, who Van Dyke credits as a "genius," says that the medium has changed too much for him to consider returning to television writing.

"That's a whole different ballgame today and different rules, I don't know. ... [I]t's a different time with different expectations. I don't know of anything I would want to do. Time passes by and you get older and it's tougher," he said.

Malarkey. The sitcom these days is in serious trouble. Friends is gone, Frasier is almost gone... I want M.A.S.H. back!

C'mon, Kate, Hollywood's waiting... :)


I don't know if you're including cable in this argument but if you ever get a chance to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, you can see the sitcom is not in trouble as long as the right people are put together and are allowed to do what they do best. Larry David is absolutely brilliant.

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