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Cast your vote: cool or hideous?

So I just got an e-mail ad from J.Crew about their patchwork madras shirt. I'm not sure if this is really cool or really ugly!

Cool or ugly?

Personally, I'm totally intrigued by it and am seriously tempted to buy one! But, knowing that my designer sensibility is a little, um, out of touch with the rest of the world, I thought I'd throw this out there for all of you guys. What do you think? Cool or ugly? Vote in the comments!


Dude. People get shot over here in England for wearing shiznits like that.

Don't be a tool to the man! Fight the power! CANCEL YOUR J-CREW SUBSCRIPTION!

Back to your regularly scheduled programming...




Hey, it's down-home Ohio backwoods cool.



Okay, rule of thumb... if it looks like something that came out of me during an all night college drink off... it's probably ugly...


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