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Signs of a great storyteller.

Oh my gosh. I was just clicking down through my daily clicks list and I hit today's Doonesbury. Oh my gosh.

This is one of those moments where you don't know where it's going to go. Trudeau has criticized our actions in Iraq and Afghanistan many times, but it's been often written off as Trudeau being, well, Trudeau. How do you up your attention? How do you shake that up?

Read the strip.


Oh, my goodness...

I was completely unprepared for the strength of my emotional reaction to that...

One of my best and oldest friends is going to Iraq. I don't want this!!!

Exactly. Same here. Totally one of those "Oh my God" moments, and this is for a comic strip character, for crying out loud.

Please, Lord, let us oust Bush before he successfully reinstates the draft to use us all as suicide soldiers in his "crusade against evil"!

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