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New Apple displays? Finally?

One more little tidbit. If you go to the Motion homepage and look down to the image of the G5 (this one, if this link continues to work), if you look closely the display in there has weird feet. Rounded feet, like the G5's. Like the image that was making the circuit on the rumor sites there a while back about the new Apple Cinema Displays. Hmmm.

If it is indeed the new display, I've only got one thing to say: It's about freakin' time. The buzz has been out for months about how Apple's got newer/cheaper/bigger displays in the pipeline, but apparently component shortages and insistently high LCD prices have been keeping them in the wings. Personally, I think it's about time that Apple let these babies out of the bag, and really did some neat stuff with them. The bevels on the existing displays are too damn big for those of us who want to have multiple displays on their desktops. Alas, it doesn't appear that said bevels have shrunk that much on the one in the picture, but a man can hope.

Also, a radical price drop would be a wonderful thing. $699 for their little 17" displays is ridiculous in today's market, as is $1299 for the 20" and $1999 for the 23". Now, I can't speak to the price of components, but as a consumer I'd love to see the 17" for $499, the 20" for $799 and the 23" for $1299. I have a hard time justifying even $1299 for a monitor – thirteen hundred dollars – but they are such beautiful displays. The ability to buy two 17"s and a 20" for under $2000 would be a dealmaker for me. As it is, that little setup would run you about $2700. Ouch. That might be chump change for the guys out there doing major bling bling video work, but for the wee shops like mine, that's some serious money. I know Apple stuff always comes at a premium, but I'd love to be able to assemble a personal desktop command center for under $4000. C'mon, Apple, whaddaya say?

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