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Kinja ninjas!

Well, it looks like Meg Hourihan and her crew have taken the wraps off their secret project. Kinja, the weblog guide has entered its public beta phase, although one wonders about the wisdom of launching a public site on April Fool's Day. The site, which is essentially an aggregator for weblog feeds, is already peppered with weblog posts crafted by untrustworthy, smarmy, Barnumesque charlatans.

And no, I HAVEN'T forgotten or forgiven your stunt from last year, O Mr. Hollywood Bigshot. You're still A-number-one on my target list.


You know, if I didn't know better, I'd say you were still a tad bitter, my friend... ;-)

Of course, since I *got* you with last year's gag, and *didn't* with this year's, which model do you think I'm likely pursue in the future, hm?

What say you leave the fooling to the professionals, all right?

My new goal is to get a novel published by April 1 next year, so that I can announce it on April Fool's. The joke will be that none of you will believe it.

Meta. Very meta.

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