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Heading for the big 5-0.

Back when I was the Web Producer for The Advisory Board, and it came time for me to bail, and I had to interview candidates for my replacement, my boss gushed about how the guy who would eventually replace me had thirty websites on his resume. At the time, I remember being rather impressed as well.

Then tonight I started updating the links page over on Ho-lee cow. Now, sure, a good number of these are little one-page deals I've done for Sound Advice, but there are forty-three links in the "sites I've built" category, with another four over in the portfolio section which are no longer around, and another three nearing completion. Oh! And of course the list doesn't include itself. So my site list is skyrocketing up towards and over fifty. Jeez!

Do I get some kind of "qualified lame-ass" award for this, or are the bags under my eyes and the ghastly white pallor reward enough?

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