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Further proof that MT (Mena Trott, not Movable Type) rocks.

Just realized that about the shared initials, which one has to wonder about, but whatever. The lovely Ms. Trott has just launched Mena's Corner, a personal weblog from inside Six Apart, which I think is a great idea. Two of my favorite weblogs lately have been Jewelboxing, the behind-the-scenes blog for the new product from Coudal Partners (which I intend to use for the next round of Dreamsbay deliverables, as soon as the dust from Tax Day clears) and Everything Basecamp, which is the equally behind-the-scenes weblog for Jason Fried and our friends at 37signals. I'll be interested to follow along to see what's going on over at Six Apart.

(Oh, and incidentally, I'm working on building a blog into as well, but having difficulty getting things properly configured on our server. Ah, for an XServe.)


Guess I should amend that title to read "Mena Trott and Movable Type", but whatever.

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