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Life: The Lightning Round.

Right now things at Dreamsbay HQ are moving fast and furious. One project I'm working on now doesn't look like it's going to go live until after SXSW (which I'm still pissed about missing, BTW), so I have a leetle breathing room on that front. My compatriot, brother-in-arms and programmer for the video game is also up to his eyeballs in work at the moment, so that one's getting put on the back burner without too much guilt, but some other friends' thing is winding up tight and needs to get done, as well as another three or four client projects, so those are next in the queue.

All this and it's seventy frickin' degrees outside, so the lure of the porch and the lawn chair is strong. God bless laptops and wireless networks.

Uck. I keep saying it's finishing season and then things drag on and on much longer than I expect they're going to. Just the way of the world, I guess, but it's getting a trifle annoying. Please, Lord, can't some of these just get done and settled?

Right. Today's finishing day. I swear. Finishing day. Bigtime.

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