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January Visiting.

Okay, so while the last one is kind of painful to listen to, this one's pretty cool. "January Visiting" is my continuing the spoken-word-over-music approach. I like the way this one came out a great deal. While "Sunday Afternoon" probably wouldn't ever come near anything I'd ever release with my name on it (although it's hella fun), this one's pretty cool. Check it out, and please let me know what you think.

(While the last one's very McFerrin, I don't know what this one is! Aside from hugely lame, that is...)


Very nice (although it could certainly benefit from being rerecorded in a production studio).

Reminds me of Poe's "Hey Pretty" -- not the song-only version available at the ITMS, but the "Drive-By 2001 Mix," which incorporates a reading by Mark Danielewski (Poe's brother, I bellieve), with breaks puncuated by the song's chorus.

Alas, the *one* song on the album that isn't available at ITMS.

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