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I'm currently looking over my more recent works and pondering the possibilities of fusing the design work, the interactive and the narrative, a la Dave McKean or Nick Bantock. Hmm.

Meanwhile, I'm also cranking up the engine for the next edition of Inkblots, which should be the Winter/Spring 2004 edition. Again, fusion. It's a double issue in large part due to Finishing Season; all my resources that I'd usually be throwing at Inkblots are currently going to building other projects for people, and one fairly-sized one for me. Details soon, although most have you have probably been able to figure out what I'm talking about by now.

Sorry for the nature of the navel-gazing post; more actual content should be ambling along any time now.


Um... I guess this means I *really* ought to get to finishing that critique. I guess it's only... oh... three months overdue.

Sorry. After my initial bout with writer's block, I've had a lot going on lately. I'll get right back on it.

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