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Finishing Season Part 3:

voiceproblem.orgNext up in Finishing Season is The Voice Problem Website, a project I've been working on for – no joke – three years. (which is also the enormous project I alluded to earlier) is the brainchild of David Bradley, the founder of The Advisory Board and the owner of The Atlantic Monthly. The content was written by seven of the most well-known otolaryngologists in the country, edited by Drs. Pranav Kothari and Vicky Herrera (two really great people, I should add) and designed and built by Hillary Tisdale, David Seitzinger and myself. My official title for this gig was "online production editor." It's still in a sort of "public beta" phase, but it's open for everyone to swing by and check it out. This is, after Inkblots, far and away the largest online project I've ever worked on. Seeing it go live was an amazing experience.

Warning: the site is huge, and some of the graphics are pretty intense, like the ones of advanced laryngeal cancer. They can get pretty gross.

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