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Bigha, betta, more!

So I've been reading over at Matt Haughey's blog about his recent trip to the Bigha bike factory. Bighas are those weird-looking bikes that have you seated more upright than the bent-over models. There's something about those suckers that appeals to me, although I'm not entirely sure what it is. Maybe it's the high-tech gadgetry built into every model, maybe it's the quirkiness of the design, maybe it's just my desire to get outside and exercise again after a tummy-building winter. Regardless, at $3000 a pop, I'm not going to be affording one anytime soon. I have better things to do with my cash. Things like rent and car repairs and eventual purchasing of the Dreamsbay Compound.

I've been thinking a lot about houses lately. I've spent the last eighteen months in this great little house in Bethesda, a posh neighborhood on the outskirts of Washington, DC. It belongs to my old friend Nick, who bought it a few years ago when the company he works for relocated to Bethesda. I'm in no way, shape or form knocking the house – but it's not what I want, in the long run. What I want is something (of course) closer to where I grew up – lots of trees, lots of land, and a barn/workshop where I can spend my days doing what I'm doing now, just not in my room. There's too much allure of Everything Else when you work out of your home. The dishes in the sink, the laundry, the new boxed set of Stargate SG-1 that your roommate brought home... Too many distractions. I love working from home, but what I need is an office of my own. What I want is a detached studio, much like the way my parents have converted our old barn into a giant workshop and storage area. I've been fantasizing about what I'd do with my workshop/barn. An area set up for photography, a big library area (assuming I can get the sucker completely weatherproofed, which was always the trouble Mom and Dad had with theirs), and a huge workshop area for the computers and the bulletin boards and the other equipment. You know, a studio.

The trouble is, even in Ohio this stuff don't come cheap. Granted, it's hella cheaper than land out here, but still. I've really got to get the whole multimillionaire-novelist-filmmaker project off the ground. Maybe next week. ;)


Hey, I'm the filmmaker here! :D You're good at everything else, let me at least have this one area of expertise.

Hmmm... make a website for my production company, and when I sell the screenplay I'm writing right now for a mil, we'll talk...

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