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That's a lot of fish sticks.

Holy cow -- Pixar Earnings Soar on Popularity of Finding Nemo. As in 400 percent. As in $84 million compared to $17 million in the year-ago quarter.

Maybe Pixar will be just fine without Disney after all.


Oh, Pixar will be sitting pretty.

The Disney/Pixar breakup will be a minor annoyance for them. It's Disney that shot themselves in the foot with their usual insistence on total control.

Yeah, maybe. Although I did read a contrary-to-the-norm report that said that the breakup was partly Steve Jobs' fault for wanting to rewrite their existing contract to cut Disney out of a bunch of money they'd already agreed to. Which sounds Jobsian, but, well, seems like a valid negotiating tactic to me. I mean, isn't that what a contract renegotiation is?

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