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Lots going on. Brief updates follow.

  • Kind of bummed about Kerry Clark (thanks, Mike Mike) dropping out. Not too bummed, but, y'know, not as satisfied as I was to see Liebermann leave the game. I thought Clark was kind of cool. Not as cool as Dr. Dean, but, y'know, hey.

    What I can't figure out is why the hell Kucinich is still around...

  • The Taurus is still ill. Dad came out to help diagnose the problem, and after a day's worth of tinkering we (well, he) determined that it's a bigger problem than we'd hoped. Rats. If medical insurance covers medical parts, why doesn't car insurance replace car parts?

  • Briefly back to politics, I'm just not excited about Kerry. I need to go read that Time article on what kind of President he'd be, I guess, but he's just so uninteresting. Remember the episode of The West Wing where Leo explained to the then-Governor Bartlet why he thought Jeb should run? That whole schpiel about how tired he was of trying to decide between two candidates that he really didn't care about? Yeah, it's like that. A Kerry vs. Bush election isn't going to be that exciting. C'mon, Dean, get it together – you're acting like you've already lost this thing. (Well, maybe you have, but what the hey.)

  • I think I'm starting to get the hang of this whole Flash thing. I didn't use to like Flash, but it's starting to grow on me. I'm finding myself saying to clients, "Hey, we could do this in Flash and it'd be really cool," instead of my previous "You want to do what in Flash? Uggggh..." Ah, how the tides do change.

Right. Back to work. Ten thousand things to do before I can get on a train to New York tomorrow.


Kind of bummed about Kerry dropping out.

Wishful thinking -- a Freudian slip? I'm right there with you. This will be an election between two candidates we don't care about, but we'll be voting for the lesser of two evils -- to keep Bush from stacking the Supreme Court for the next generation. But that's it. There will be no excitement in this election, which is a shame after the last year or so.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Kerry is the new Dukakis. I'm not an anti-Kerry Democrat, but all else being equal, I'd much rather see Edwards (a.k.a. the new Clinton) duking it out with Bush (who many Republicans refer to as the new Reagan.)

I mean, we all remember that Dukakis fiasco, right? Ugh.

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