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New music.

A brief note to send a heads-up to all y'all looking for good new music. Harry Connick Jr. has a new album out today, called Only You, which is mostly his standard crooning, but veers off in a fantastic direction with the next-to-last track, "Other Hours," which has a sound almost like Spanish guitar. It's very cool.

Also, this week I finally picked up These Are the Vistas, the debut album by The Bad Plus, who snagged a bunch of awards last year. It's easy to see why – the disc has a bunch of really excellent grooves on it, like the oddly-named-but-deeply-cool "Keep the Bugs Off Your Glass and the Bears Off Your Ass". Also, any jazz group that attempts – and pulls off! – a cover of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" deserves some cred.

Finally, I picked up a track called "City Boy" by Keb' Mo', which is a deeply moving, sweet and sad soul track. Check it out.


Sigh.... *Harry*... swoon....

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