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The design scene in the windy city.

So I've been thinking about moving to Chicago, but one thing keeping me here is a fear of what the economy and market are like out there. The craigslist entries for my line of work are downright paltry, which drives the point home that DC is recessionproof and New York is, well, right up there with Los Angeles for guys like me. Chicago? More Midwestern, which I miss, and colder, and full of my friends (like Ken, Talon, Amanda, Sara, Kourtney, Jim, Ruth, and Audrey) but I'm still not sure if it's the place for me. Weirdly enough, New York keeps looking better and better the more time I spend up there with Kate. How's that for irony? Me, mister "I hate New York", seriously eyeballing The Big Apple as a possible next stop on the Life of Me Tour. Whodathunkit?

But Chicago does have its share of kickass design houses, like 37signals, skinnyCorp (of Threadless fame) and Coudal Partners (of Jewelboxing and Photoshop Tennis). I wonder if any of those guys would be interested in going out to lunch to discuss the market out there these days. Hmm.

Decisions, decisions. It also doesn't help that I'm looking to move just as I feel I'm getting the hang of things out here. Oh, well. I guess it's better to go out while you're ahead, right?

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