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Sweet ride.

I do believe I have found my next set of wheels.


Clearly you are not remembering the "trial" episode of "Clerks: The Cartoon." Specifically, in which the end of the episode bizarrely changes into an anime sequence.

Several characters hop into their Transformer car, which drives to its destination...

...and transforms back to robot form, reducing the passengers to bloody pulp. Gross, but funny.

I tell ya, Ralph Nader's gonna have a field day with this thing...

Heh. I always wondered about that. In the old Transformers cartoons, whenever one of the robots had a human passenger when they were transforming, you'd often see the human ejected out of the robot, flying through the air to land safely on the ground. Now, humans have a hard time falling six feet and making a graceful landing. I know we're obeying the laws of cartoon physics here, but those robots were often something like twenty, thirty feet tall!

Nevermind that humans must have been pretty pesky to have underfoot... It always amazed me that the little human sidekicks never got accidentally squished by one of the Autobots in a hurry to get somewhere.

Someone should do a short cartoon spoof of being the guy at Geico who gets the call from one of those guys. "How can we help you? Auto insurance? Sure, what model is it? It's a what? It turns into a what now?"

I wonder if Autobots come with airbags.

Personally, I would love a car that transforms between a hybrid pickup truck and a Corvette... just so I can drive the one that currently suits my mood best. Doesn't that sound nice? ;)

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