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Tonight Hoser gave me some utterly kickass late Birthday/Christmas presents, most notably the DVDs of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, the BBC show he did a few years back which I've always wanted to see but somehow never got the chance. Thanks, bro. You rock.


Hey now. I thought we talked about your use of the word "Rock."

Cut it out!

Oh, come on. “Rock“ rocks!

Actually, a friend of mine (disclaimer: who doesn't like Neil Gaiman very much anyhow) saw the show and detested it. Let me know your vote.

I know, I know. In context, 'rock' was the best term I could come up with. You don't say, "Thanks, bro. You're good." Or "Thanks, bro. You're cool." Those are both pretty vanilla. "You rock" was the perfect phrase for the context, so I felt perfectly justified in using it.

So nyah. ;-)

After having watched most of it this weekend, I can now say that the book was better. Some of the acting was pretty bad, some of the cinematography was shake-your-head, what-were-they-thinking awful, and, well, the movie in your mind is almost always better. The only things I think I really enjoyed about the show over the book were the lovely McKean art (which are always cooler moving around on-screen than simply squatting on paper) and the quirkily hot chicks playing Door and the rat girl (whose name escapes me at the moment).

Also, previously-unknown bit of trivia: the girl who played Door was the same girl who played the blacksmith in that Heath Ledger flick, A Knight's Tale. If she keeps picking weird little fun roles like these, she's definitely going to be a useful barometer for below-the-radar movies worth watching.

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