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On sleep and Adobe CS.

So sleepy. Will blog tomorrow.

Okay, quick update. Spent most of the day driving and then catching up on stuff. My New Year is starting about a week late. :) Also. Bit the bullet this week and bought the Adobe Creative Suite (the Standard edition, not the Premium, as all the PDF handling I need can be pretty much handled in InDesign and WYSIWYG editors are for weenies). Lots of neat added features. I'm stymied, though, by the way InDesign handles its palettes differently than Photoshop and Illustrator. I mean, why in the world wouldn't they have opted to implement the horizontally-oriented and collapsible palettes in Illustrator and Photoshop, when they're so freakin' cool in InDesign? I do not understand these people sometimes.

Oh, and I agree with Todd Dominey's assessment of the CS iconography. The nature icons are going to have to just get memorized, as they really don't evoke that many memories of their predecessors. They're pretty, especially on iBooks (the rounded white of the icons goes well with the rounded white of the machine), but they're not really that meaningful. Tsk.

Right. Bed calls.

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