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On gay marriage.

So apparently the buzz is that Dubya wants to lay down a ban on gay marriage. What I don't get is that we don't ban Hindi marriages, Muslim marriages, Jewish marriages or atheist marriages, all of whom consist of people who are deemed as going to hell in the Bible. Doesn't this imply that marriage is not an inherently Christian institution? And that therefore shouldn't be any more prohibited under the law as, say, gay funerals?

And, if this gay marriage ban goes down, how many of the above are next on the uberconservatives' to-do list?

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Nice post, GL. It's like grandma always said: Stick up for the little guy, because next time you might be the little guy.

I love the whole idea of the "sanctity" of hetero marriages. The institution of marriage is so sacred that we have quickie marriages in Los Vegas that last less than three days (I'll bet Britney was thinking about how sacred her actions were then...right?). We have millions of dollars going toward divorce lawyers. We have shows about marrying millionares (who just happen to be complete strangers) on television. Marriage is *totally* sacred.

Geoff, I agree with you. First it's the gays. Who comes after that?

Nick had an interesting point when we were discussing this here at the house last night. The Church can't prove that someone's an atheist when they're standing at the altar, but it's pretty easy to tell when both participants are wearing tuxes. Weak argument, but interesting observation.

So Bush said this, to all of the people during his State of the Union speech. It might as well have been his first campaign speech. All he talked about was in direct comment to people who were slandering him. He needed to comment about that—so why not do it when the whole world is listening?

But why go out on a limb and say THAT? How many gays are there in the US? I can't even begin to count. If I were gay, and a republican, how could I possible vote that asshole back into office after his speech? And since it was a campaign speech, we is effectively slashing that whole market of a few millions, maybe more. What a moron!

So here's the thing. There is marriage, the legal institution, and marriage, the religious institution. If the Baptist church does not wish to bless a union between a same-sex couple, that's their perogative. But legally, it shouldn't matter. All legal unions should be "civil unions", and leave the actual 'marriage' decisions up to the religions who bless them. No conflict. :P

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