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New year, new look.

In a bout of "Designer, design thyself," I'm contemplating new looks and trends and whatnot for 2004. I just got done flipping through the new issue of GQ (the one with Orlando Bloom on the cover, whom I was appalled to discover is the same age as me), and they had this big huge multi-page article on What The Cool People Will Be Wearing This Year, and about two pages in I thought to myself, "The cool people will be wearing pretty much whatever the heck they feel like wearing, and most of it is not going to be anything like this," and chucked the issue into the trash. Ah, liberation.

So what will I, as a Cool Person, be wearing this year? I'm not sure yet, but I think it's going to involve shorter hair and no facial hair. And jeans. Jeans will be a big element in my 2004 collection.

Having just typed that, am now considering doing a "Design 2004" piece for the upcoming Winter '04 Inkblots where we get folks to do what they think the truly cool people will be wearing this year. Anybody want to play?


In October, all the cool people will be wearing "Chicago Cubs: 2004 World Series Champions" t-shirts.

At SCAD, most of the cool people seem to have large, Easter-Islander-type earrings mutilating their cartilige. But hey, it is an art school.

The coolest people have fake blood stains on their tennis shoes. I am very cool by this rating. Ask, and I'll tell you the whole story.

This sounds suspiciously like a special effect gone horribly awry.

Actually, I think the really cool people will be wearing a Baltimore Orioles 2004 World Series Champions t-shirt!

Shocked to find out Orlando Bloom was your age?

Oh, just wait until you start realizing that all the new stars are younger than you are.

Much younger.

As for what the "cool" people will be wearing, I am definitely the wrong one to ask.

After all, I still think Bogey's white dinner jacket is the ultimate in "cool" (wink, wink).

I'm just finding the whole "cool" thing to be more and more ludicrous the older I get. Especially now that blogging is beginning to become totally mainstream. When I was in New York last week, I saw an HP poster on a construction site that said, in big Helvetica type, "YOU BLOG, DON'T YOU?" That was just weird. And now a friend of mine is going to be a consultant for a sitcom pilot about webloggers and zine publishers. This bothers me in so many ways.

And a lot of the stars are indeed younger than me now. Which has a small taint of missed-the-boatedness to it, but not a lot. Famous authors can get their start at any age. ;)

Don't sweat it Geoff, EVERYONE is younger than I am. Just ask Kate, she'll tell you I'm older than dirt!

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