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Mutants do exist!

Cool! If it's true that she started to develop early (although I don't know what the normal benchmarks are for the learn-to-speak and learn-to-read points), I wonder if she uses a higher percentage of her brain... The comics could be true! Viva la sci-fi!

Ahem. Make up your own mind after reading this: Ananova - Teenage girl's x-ray vision baffles scientists.


If she was talking in complete sentences at 6 mos, that would be something, but if she was babbling and occasionally uttered an understandable word - that's no great accomplishment. Some preschoolers learn to read early, but tests have shown that they are not advanced any more than their counterparts that don't learn to read before kindergarten. Come on - X-ray vision???? Does that really make her a genius, even if it were true?

Besides, none of my kids talked before they were 2 years old and all have IQ's 130 or over.

"When she started to claim she could see through things, that worried me".

Hah! Is there an understatement of the year award anywhere?

Dude, that rocks!

heh heh heh...

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