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Low-hanging fruit, not in season.

For some reason, the phrase 'low-hanging fruit' has been running through my head all day. It's a phrase we used to use back at The Advisory Board all the time, meaning the stuff that's easy pickings, the projects on your to-do list that have only one or two steps left before completion. All day, my mind kept asking itself, "What's the low-hanging fruit? What's the low-hanging fruit?" I guess I'm growing anxious to wrap up some of these open projects – but as I kept replying with dismay, "There's not a lot of that at the moment." I've got a few things just about ready for prime time, but nothing I can just go click-click-click and it's done.

Maybe my goal for Sunday should be to scale up a couple of branches, so there will be some fruit to kick off the week...


See, and that's not at all what I was thinking. Low hanging fruit. mrow. O:)

Dirty, dirty, dirty. Jeez, I can't write anything around you people. ;-)

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