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Live (again) from New York: on the Macworld keynote.

Am posting this from the Apple Store in Soho, where I just missed the end of Steve Jobs' Macworld presentation. S'ok. As I was telling Kate while we were having lunch a couple of blocks away, the old Reality Distortion Field gets a little old after a while.

Mini iPods? Eh. They're okay. Not really that interesting to me, although less pocket clutter is always a good thing. What really has me interested is GarageBand – because it's almost exactly what I needed last summer, when I was monkeying with the idea of creating an EP of music and stuff. Except I was trying to do it with a $300 MIDI keyboard that never worked properly and my copy of Soundtrack. Now Apple's gone and built themselves a piece of software designed to do exactly what I had in mind, and a $99 full-size MIDI keyboard to go with it. Jinkies. Oh, well – I've already moved on to other projects. I might come back around to this when I go ahead and buy that G5 I've been talking about forever, although that probably won't be until the second quarter of 2004. I bought myself a new PowerBook G4 instead – which, I might add, I ordered around December 15th and it still hasn't shipped. Stupid Apple. Granted, it's a refurb, and I understand those might be difficult to keep in stock, but still... I want my tools, dammit. Too much is being hung up in the meantime.

Right. I'm out of here. Time to head back to NYU, pick up Kate, and then go do stuff this afternoon before I drive south to DC tonight. Catch y'all later.


Dude, I am all over GarageBand. Of course, I'll jump on it just to get access to the Soundtrack features, which I still don't have. (Corporate money: Good. Corporate bureaucracy: Bad.)

Other than that, I too feel kind of so-so about the Minis (more details on my own blog). But we'll see.

I was just made aware yesterday that there's a free version of Pro Tools available for download. That's good stuff, Pro Tools. And, if you like silly toys, which I know we all do, somewhere there's an electric theramin which you can download onto your pda. Spiffy!

First day of school was yesterday. I'm in film school! I still can't get over it! Hee hee!

I'd love GarageBand, but I don't have the play money for that right now. I've got too many other projects going to focus on music right now, an area in which Kate takes great joy in repeatedly insisting I have no talent.

And yay Shannon – I'm totally jealous!

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