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Interesting Friday afternoon reading.

One of my favorite designers-with-blogs Todd Dominey has weighed in with his take on the iPod mini. As always, interesting reading, and, yeah, he's just about right. The iPod mini is overpriced for its target – but now there's talk of an HP-branded iPod hybrid, which could be interesting. Will it be the same price? The same form factor? Apple-compatible? What will those HP fellas unveil? And what will it be called? hPod? (Insert appropriate groans here.)

Elsewhere in the blogosphere, John Gruber of Daring Fireball provides some insight on why GarageBand is worth getting excited about, and the PowerPage provides an interesting comparison of GarageBand versus Soundtrack. GarageBand will be added to my software collection eventually, if only because Soundtrack doesn't support MIDI. I find myself wondering if GarageBand can read Soundtrack loops and vice versa. (I don't see why they wouldn't be, but I'm not getting my hopes up just yet.)


That quick Garage Band-versus-Soundtrack comparison was very helpful. I've been trying to get an upgrade to FCP4 -- and the included Soundtrack -- for some time.

My initial take had been that the release of Soundtrack would water down my argument. After all, one of the major features was Soundtrack. But if you can't import *video*, then Garage Band is a stopgap measure at best.

I'll still pick it up (along with Panther, which I've yet to buy), but I'm not about to stop arguing for FCP4.

Panther is worth it. Of all the upgrades I made last year, Panther was one of the best, bar none. And, ironically, the new Adobe Creative Suite package has been helping me out quite a bit too. Just yesterday I wound up using Illustrator CS's new 3-D tool on a client project. Wicked cool, that was.

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