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I'm tellin' ya, man. Aliens! I seen 'em.

So apparently scientists now say they have discovered ice on Mars. Ice is water. Water is key to life. It's only a few more logic jumps from there to Koozebanians! Or Martians, anyway. Great, huge Martians who shot down the first Mars probe and ate the second one! We send a third at our peril – anyone who's ever read basic fairy tales knows these things always come in threes. We've had two strikes. The next one brings the Koozebanian invasion!

(And bonus points to anyone who catches the reference in the title of this post!)


Wasn't there a character in the Bloom County comic strip about ten years ago who was a caricature of an overweight southerner who ran around waving a shotgun and yelling this? He also kept saying something like 'Hide the women and children' and 'Take cover, Mother.' But I can't remember if it was Opus or Bill the Cat whose involvement triggered the event.

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