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Going on auto. Or not.

Car trouble sucks. Especially when you pride yourself on being something of a computer dork, and the problem has something to do with the car's computer, and you can't get in there to debug it. Arrrrgh.


Aaaagh! I'm sitting in lighting & field class, and the prof is teaching us, on an extremely primitive level, a basic version of the same information that we've been going over in my next class, which has been boring me to tears because I already know how to do all the things we're learning! Why, oh why, do people keep trying to teach me how to use the AVID? I have SO many better things I could be doing right now, most of them involving advanced versions of the editing they keep thinking they're teaching me! Gah!

...sorry. It's just that day after day of the same thing is getting to me.

This, Shannon, is why you need a weblog.

Why? So that I have something to occupy my spare moments, or so that I have my own forum to whine in, instead of yours? ;D

On a related note, one DV200 camera and a $3K laptop did what apparently the entire film department here could not, which was to transfer my screwed-up footage from digital video tape to a usable format. After about the fifth hour and fourth computer lab, I thought to myself "what the hell did I buy the laptop for, if not for exactly this?", hooked up the camera via 4-6 pin firewire, and voila! I'm sitting in the relative comfort of my own home editing my midterm and getting quietly drunk. Damn, I'm grizzled.

Welcome to the cult of Mac.

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