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Busy busy busy busy busy whaaaaa?

So I've been working my tail off here for the last week, which explains the sort of intermittent posts that have been being tossed up here. And then, about three o'clock this afternoon, I realized that I've got almost all of my paying clients to the waiting-on-them-for-something stage. It's like running full-tilt through a jungle, ducking low branches and concentrating furiously on not tripping over tangling roots, and then suddenly emerging into a clearing. There's a moment of pause, catch-your-breath, and saying, "Oh. Okay, now what do I do?" Or, more accurately, "What do I do first?" As I also have about four or five large-sized projects for friends in the queue. However, DC got slammed with six inches of snow last night, so I may just take a snow day.

Aside from the twin blizzards of white stuff and work, things here are decent. Among other large events, Kate came down this weekend for a nice little visit, I attended a going-away party for one of my best friends down here, my plans to relocate to the Chicago area this summer are firming up and I have obtained a new PowerBook G4, which I have christened 'Constantine,' after both the emperor and the magician. I like names that have both classical and geeky overtones. My first laptop, for instance, was named Galileo. Again, bonus points for anyone who understands the geek reference there.

Which reminds me. The answer to last week's dork quiz: the "Aliens! I seen 'em" ref was to a Trapper Keeper commercial that made the rounds back in the late 80s. There was a series of kids trying to explain why they didn't have their homework (because, of course, they didn't have Trapper Keepers). One of them was this bug-eyed little guy who declared that line with a breathless intensity that was utterly hysterical. My dad and I used to throw that line back and forth.

These are the memories of which my childhood is made. You hush now.

So, yes. Time to go try and finish up one of these nonpaying projects, I suppose, while I have a little time to breathe. With a little luck, I'll have some finished things to unveil here soon.


I was considering working on the novel for a little while this afternoon, but having just reread that post and realizing how awfully-written it is, I think I'll play video games instead. *sigh* I'm getting rusty.

I was considering naming my laptop Constantine, but I'd forgotten about it. It's pretty firmly christened "Hecate" by now. Oh well.

Y'know, now that you mention it, I think I do remember that trapper keeper commercial...

Galileo, spacecraft, maybe?

SarahScott wins the cookie. "Galileo" was the name of one of the shuttlecraft from Star Trek: The Next Generation. More to the point, though, 'Galileo' was also the name of the concept model Mac that Macworld magazine hired frogdesign to design back in the late 90s. It was an amazing little machine that had a desktop pod for the CD-ROM and disk drive, and the bulk of the CPU located on the floor. I always thought that was a brilliant idea, and wondered why someone didn't actually build machines that way. (Well, sure, you could reproduce the effect using third-party peripherals from manufacturers like Iomega, but it's not the same.)

Anyway, SSB gets the cookie because Macworld named their concept model after the shuttlecraft. For my part, I just loved the Renaissance feel of the name, and the exploratory connotations. After all, my Galileo was the PowerBook 1400c that I hauled with me to Europe back in 1998.

On behalf of the Mayoral Committee to Bring Geoff to Chicago, allow me to convey our excitement at the "firming up" of your plans to move to our fair city. If there's anything the good people of Chicago can do to expedite your move (Deep dish pizza, Cubs tickets, enemies turned into a post on Lower Wacker) please don't hesitate to give Mayor Daley a call.

Boy, you're really showing your youth, Geoff, as evidenced by your selection of "geek" references.

Galileo was the name of one of the shuttlecraft from the original series. Next Generation just reused it as a tribute to classic Star Trek.

So if Macworld named their model after the Next Generation shuttle, then they were making a tribute to a tribute...

Oh my God! I remember that commercial!!! Man, has it been a long time been since I've thought about Trapper Keepers.

Further proof that I'm not that big a geek: my experience with the original Star Trek series is pretty limited. What can I say?

The campaign to move Geoff to Chicago should keep in mind that there is a very important piece of the puzzle in NYC until August 1st.

Ken, as a huge tribute to you, the main character of the screenplay I'm writing is a huge Cubs fan. I figure it'll lend him instant pathos. Hee hee hee...

Aww...I'm touched, Shannon! Thank you!

As a side benefit, making your main character a Cub fan allows you to give him a view on life that's both optimistic and pessimistic at the same time, often contradicting itself in the process! Very cool indeed...

Good lord, I HAVE to send you the synopsis- you have no idea how on target you are there... e-mailing it as we speak...

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