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Assault and batteries.

So today the battery on my PowerBook G4 decided to quit taking a charge. Argh. This, right after I decided not to buy a new one after all. And batteries for these babies are a hundred and thirty bucks. I may just mentally take that $130 and put it towards the purchase of a new laptop. Apple has a trade-in program where you can get $700 off the price of a new one if your machine is deemed worthy. I don't know if a malfunctioning battery is enough to put this poor old baby over the line, but $830 off the price of a laptop (kind of, allow me some desperate mental justification) seems vaguely doable. Kind of. The biggest drawback? Their trade-in program takes two to three weeks to actually turn your machine around. I can probably work off a desktop here, but that's a long time to be inconvenienced that way. Arg.

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