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Ah, crap.

This was so not what I wanted to hear. Apparently one of my all-time favorite Mexican restaraunts totally tips the scales when it comes to calories. Read the bad news for yourself: Fresh Mex: Not Always Healthy Mex. Apparently one of their vegetarian burritos has over 1,120 calories. Dangit. I guess I should have expected this was coming: after all, the dang place turns out to be largely owned by McDonald's.


Oh dear! You like Chipotle?! I guess that's because you haven't had the absolutely amazing home cooked mexican food of the southwest and mexico. You absolutely have to visit and we'll take a little trip to New Mexico (or down the street). :) In the meantime, I would probably like Chipotle too if the real thing weren't so close and so good.... :)

Yeah, I know. I started enjoying Chipotle a couple of years ago, when Jen and I found them popping up all over the place down here in DC. There was one just a few doors down from where she used to work at Borders in Gaithersburg, and once she tried it, it was all over. I'm still having a hard time kicking the habit – they're just too damn good. Crisp peppers, cool sour cream, just enough spice to deliver a nice kick... Mmmm.

Is it lunchtime yet?

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