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Football and soft drinks.

Huh, whaddaya know. It's kinda like Coke Classic and New Coke: Ravens 35, Browns 0: Lewis Leads Ravens to Win Over Cleveland.

(My girlfriend is from just outside of Baltimore and I, of course, am from Ohio. I like to say I'm one of the old-school Ravens fans. Not that I'm that interested in football, it just ticks her off. Besides, I have to root for any football team named for a poem.)


I'm confused--aren't you as a native Ohioan biologically obligated to hate the Ravens with a blinding irrational passion? I mean, jeez, that's like an OSU fan declining to riot after beating Michigan...

Personally, I don't have that much at stake. For me, the Bucks were always way more important than the Browns.

Wait a minute...aren't the Browns STILL in Cleveland?................Need I say more?

And I'd like to point out that the Ravens clobbered the Browns this past weekend...

I don't think I knew you were such a big Buckeye fan, even spending all of senior year under the same roof. Then again, my mind generally tends to filter sports conversations like "Blah blah blah CUBS blah blah CUBS WOO blah blah..."

My sister goes to grad school at the U of M and bought me an "Ohio State Sucks" t-shirt for my birthday. I'm thinking of wearing it the next time I visit Kenyon to see how long before the Buckeye trees start attacking me a la "The Two Towers."

I don't know about the trees, but we natives might start looking at you funny. Not funny ha-ha, funny strange. Like menacing funny.

And, yeah, truth be told, "fan" is probably too strong a word. It's more like, the Bucks are the only team I genuinely give a care about.

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