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A little bummed.

I miss my girlfriend. I just spent five days straight with her, and now I'm back in DC and she's in New York and I miss her.

I'm also blue because there's a pretty good chance I'm going to spend my birthday this weekend alone. Most of my friends are busy, Kate's totally slammed with rehearsals, and my folks are balking at making a long trip in cold weather. Man. There's a decent-sized chance my first day of being 26 is going to suck.

On the upside, some of the old green stuff showed up in my mailbox this weekend. This is one of those times it's good to be a freelancer: payday is playday. Time for some upgrades.


Geoff, you can come spend your birthday with us!

Actually, I may need a "date" for Friday night bc Charlie is out of town and I have a dinner to attend. I'm not Kate, but I'm the next best thing!

Actually, busy or not, I think I'm going to head North to spend the weekend with Kate anyway. If I have to spend my birthday alone, at least I can do it in the Guggenheim or the Met! :) Thanks anyway, though!

Umm... guys... you're creeping me out a little.

Hey aging guy, it's good to know so many people want to harass you on your birthday whether I'm there to do it in person or not ;-)

Hey, Happy Early Birthday! I, too, wish I could be there... Once again, there's that little 2000 miles away problem... Hope you have a great day though--maybe make it a Geoffrey day: do a few things that you love to do, but don't usually have the time. Even if it's as simple as a cup of hot cider and a great book... you may really like it! ... :)

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