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26 years and as many degrees in New York City.

Quick post from Digital Society, this neat little Mac shop in NYC. I ducked in here to look for the Canon Digital Rebel, which was out of stock at the Apple Store in Soho, but they don't seem to carry 'em. Nuts.

Man, is it COLD out there. Ears frozen. Need hat. Unfortunately, my fedora is in Maryland. Rats.

Having fun with friends up here, though. Hanging out with Kate in the bookend time 'round her rehearsals. She made me this kickass Gryffindor scarf for my birthday, which I'm wearing today with big geeky pride. As for the rest of the time, I've primarily been working on the new Dreamsbay site. It's kind of sad, I suppose, but it's too bloody cold to do a lot of walking outside, so I've been sort of camping out at the not-a-Starbucks on the NYU campus. This is okay, I reckon – I'll do some Christmas shopping and museum hopping later this week, when it's not so bloody crowded (and, hopefully, not quite so arctic).

Anyway, the first day of my 26th year is going pretty well so far. Hope y'all can say the same. For those of you on the East Coast, here's wishing you tons of cocoa and marshmallows. Me, I've got my peppermint mochas to keep me warm. And a little Hogwarts 'round my neck.



Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! If you two were in Florida, we'd be visiting you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Instead we're in Ohio and it's snowy here too! So celebrate there while we're thinking of you, till we see you again email just has to do! Love,

From one fan of the peppermint mocha to another, happy birthday, friend! Here's wishing you many more happy years!

Happy Birthday, Geoff! Hope 26 is a great year!

Happy Birthday, Junior! Hope you liked the "special message" on your voice mail.

I wondered who was responsible for that message! :)

Thanks, everybody. You guys are the best!

Happy birthday too, a little late. :)

Hope your birthday was fabulous (it certainly sounds like it on this end). I'm looking forward to getting together once we both get a breather!

Take care, get lots done, and have a safe trip back!

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