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Wow, what a sad Friday night.

I was planning to go up to New York today, but that plan was laid to waste by some factors outside my control. Instead, tonight I got into a fight with Kate, and am now lying on the couch watching some TV show on UFO crashes.

Somebody call me up to do something cooler than this. Which would be anything.


Sending you hugs! Wish I were in DC so we could chill together...

Darn! I'm a day late and a dollar short! Hope your night improved, friend.

Heh. Friday night I finished off a bottle of wine alone and sobbed until my eyes were so swollen I could hardly see. I think UFO crashes sound better, personally.

I seem to recall I IM'ed you to see what you were up to, Ms. Brett... Next time that happens, give me a call. If I'm in town, we'll go do something!

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