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So this past weekend was the first weekend in a month where I wasn't travelling. I'd been working so hard on my portfolio and whatnot last week that I decided to take the weekend off. Novel concept, I know.

Fun things I did this weekend: played the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles GameCube game with Nick (which is almost as much fun as the one for the Super Nintendo, way back int he day), got bitten by the Bionicle bug in a big enough manner to design and build a kickass two-headed Bionicle dragon, wandered around downtown Bethesda while the Montgomery County Marathon was going on, wrote half a moderately bad poem and an entire really, really melancholy short story (guess I needed to get it out of my system), and played Dark Cloud 2 for a couple of hours, which was the first time I'd played that game in, like, six months.

I go in cycles with almost everything I do: videogames, writing, reading, working out, video work, almost everything. I am apparently currently on a videogame kick. Which is fine, since we have a bunch of games in the house I haven't really played yet – the new Metroid and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker being at the tiptop of the list. I'm also remembering how much things like that help to prevent burnout when you're trying to be creative for like fourteen hours a day. Whoof.

I believe one of the things I will start to institute for Dreamsbay is a stricter "no nights and weekends" policy. Yeah. Something like that.


No nights and weekends is a really good idea! Whereever did you come up with that one???

Yeah, you let me know how that goes (>snicker

Yeah, yeah. That goes for both of ya. Yeah, yeah.

No nights and weekends? Sounds nice. I'm remembering now why I was so happy do be done with undergrad. Having some part of the day in which to definitively stop doing work must be nice.

In related news, the fact that I never have time to eat anymore has led to me dropping 1 dress size... maybe all this work is a good thing! And the media labs are open 24/7 now, so I can get lotsandlots of work done! Yay!

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