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It's the hat.

So, on a whim, I googled myself. I was pleased to discover that I not only hold the top page rank for "Geoffrey Long", but I totally dominate the entire first page. A little further, and I will own 'Geoffrey Long' on Google. Mwa ha ha ha.

However, I did find another Geoffrey Long out there, a Geoffrey Leal Long from the University of Washington, out 'round Seattle. One of the links on Google said 'pictures'. Cool, I thought, let's see what another Geoffrey Long looks like.

Not only does the dude have my name, he also has my hat. Jeez!


Heck, why don't you e-mail him? He looks like a fun guy!

Of course he does. He's a Geoffrey!

(Read the above with the same indignant tone as Bilbo from Fellowship of the Rings, saying, "Of course he does. He's a Baggins!")

Seriously, I've only ever known one or two Geoffs that weren't cool. It comes with having a funny name. (For further proof of this theory, please see my best friends Talon and SarahScott...)

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