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Wow. I so shouldn't still be awake. Still, since I am, I thought I'd share a couple neat things that I've found lately, just to clear them out of my mental cache. (And to behave a little more like a weblog should, if you believe that kind of thinking.)


One of the most oddly compelling weblogs I've found lately is the corporate newsblog for Jewelboxing, which is a new minicompany started up by Jim Coudal of Coudal Partners and some overseas jewelbox manufacturers. Basically what they've done is created CD-style jewelboxes the size of DVD cases and, well, apparently improved them quite a bit. They look fantastic, and I'm now torn between these babies and the brushed-metal containers I'd been planning on using for an upcoming Dreamsbay product. I'm planning on picking some up as soon as I get some more play money in the budget. Anyway, the product is quite cool and the weblog helps provide a behind-the-curtain glimpse into the life of a startup. Fascinating reading to those of us with a slightly entrepreneurial mind.

Double Dash Delightful

Wow. Tonight (well, last night, given when I'm writing this) my housemate brought home a copy of Mario Kart Double Dash, and darned if it isn't the best, most fun game of the series. Yes, there's still the same racing game at the heart of it, but the addition of a Halo-esque two-person cooperative game where one player drives and the other shoots, is the bee's knees, baby. We'd been playing it for hours before we looked up and realized it was no longer Tuesday. Oops. Anyway, the best part may still be yet to come: apparently Mario Kart Double Dash supports LAN play, so if you have multiple TVs and multiple GameCubes (which is becoming an astonishingly affordable undertaking, actually), broadband adapters for each and a hub, you can have up to eight GameCubes linked up for a race. Wow. That blows my mind. How insanely cool.

Finally, Favico.ico

Thanks to Zeldman and Noel Jackson, I now finally have a little Dreamsbay star logo gracing the address bar for this blog. Isn't that just darling. (Seriously, thanks for the tutorial, Noel – I'd been meaning to do that for months.)

What I'm Up To

In case y'all are wondering, and are curious as to why we're still missing two Features, wonder not. I'm just swamped with client work, that's all. I'm trying to get one almost-finished big project completely out the door, another mondo project finished up despite significant scope creep, and six (six!) little sites finished up for my voiceover client from Chicago. That, three portfolio pieces currently in development, and the general overhead of small business (checking on checks, that kind of thing) have been keeping me hopping. Things are okay, just busy. Hope ya'll can say the same.

G5 crazy

One last thing. Today Apple released a dual 1.8-GHz G5, a significant power increase to the middle-of-the-road model. I can feel my credit card warming up in my pocket. This can't be good.


Hmm... well, you've almost got the icon thing right.

For some reason, it's appearing some times and not others. That one I've got no explanation for.

But one thing you probably should look at is creating a mask for the icon, so that it's not sitting on a white square background. Graphic Converter probably won't be able to do this, but the Iconfactory's IconBuilder should be able to do the job.

Check out Prometheus Unnleashed for an example.

Yeah, I noticed that too (the icon appearing and disappearing thing). Not sure what the cause of it is, really. If anybody has any ideas, I'd love to hear 'em.

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