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Announcing the Autumn edition of Inkblots.

I'm pleased to announce that the Autumn Inkblots is coming online as we speak. So far, Voice, Fiction and Poetry, Portfolio, Critiques and Biographies have all been updated. Features will be coming on-line very soon (including today's involvement in the Virtual Book Tour). A few other things may be added as the day progresses as well.

I'm really proud of the new issue. Julie O'Neill, one of my favorite online folks, is joining us for the first time today, as are comic artist Greg Vondruska, my lovely and talented girlfriend, Kate Erin Gibson, my friend and New York poet Christopher Goodrich, and my college buddy and housemate Nick Ferraro, with the debut of his new cooking column. Returning are William R. Coughlan (with several pieces), Carrie Spritzer, Min Jung Kim, Emily Anne Leachman, Talon Beeson, Jessica Maloney, David Thomas and Nick Bastin. And, making his triumphant return to Inkblots since we abandoned our paper edition back in 1997 is old-school alum Andy Rozsa. Welcome, all of you. Thanks for joining us!


The issue looks SO great, Geoffrey! Congrats! You much be really pleased! :) Thanks for including me!

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