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Never been much into westerns I'm afraid. I remember when Unforgiven was the big Oscar fave--I finally managed to go see it and I fell asleep. For shame--but it was late and I had had a long day of doing whatever it was I was doing in the early 90s. I also want to clarify about dance films--I want to see the resurgance of bad, cheesy dance films. God, remember the days of fast Forward and Breakin' I'd also like to see truly sexy movies make a comeback. What happened to the days of the good erotic thrillers? Did Jade kill it for good? Can In the Cut help?

Speaking of Meg Ryan, what is up with her face? At the Toronto Film Festival she was sporting some crazy new surgery that was nutty. it's must be so weird for reporters when stars get drastically, obvious bad surgery because you don't know whether to talk about it in front of them--seems tacky and rude--yet if they had a cast on their arm, you'd ask, 'Hey, what happened?' But it's not like Marie Osmond can show up on Conan to plug her dolls and Conan can say, "Marie, what the fuck happened to your face?!" Bad plastic surgery is the big elephant in the room. It's all anyone can think of when looking at some of these folks and yet, it's verboden to talk about. Hmmmm.


Your comments on Meg Ryan lead me to pose a question -- how do you think the moviegoing experience is affected by knowing a great deal of the background? I know I've frequently had to stuggle to separate the star from the character, particularly when the star is more "personality" than "talent" (nothing against Ms. Ryan -- I'm just talking out of my ass).

Along those lines, how does viewing and/or discussing movies with people with a comparable base of industry knowledge compare with doing the same with film neophytes (or just regular folks who aren't so "into" it)? On one hand (having just left a rather in-depth discussion of film with a couple of equally knowledgeable coworkers) it's rewarding to be able to talk on an even playing field, but my ego kind of likes being the local "expert." Well, until everybody starts giving me those "doesn't this guy get out anywhere" looks...

(I suppose reading Screening Party might give me some more insight into the answer to that last, but as I've not yet done so, I'm fishing a bit here.)

What is wrong with our youth! They just never seem to have viewed any of the movies or television of the past. I keep having to say, "Have you seen that?" The answer is generally the same each time, "No."

Adam, I've never heard you so crotchety. That's awesome.

As far as Westerns go, "Unforgiven" was boring as hell. I remember conking out at that one too. "Tombstone," baby, it was all about "Tombstone."

"I'll be your huckleberry." Best Val Kilmer line ever.

Ugh. Val Kilmer was fantastic. The rest of the movie was pain.

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