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The Virtual Book Tour returns: Please welcome Dennis Hensley and friends!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to once more open Inkblots' door to a member of Kevin Smokler's Virtual Book Tour. Today's guest is Dennis Hensley, author of the new comic novel Screening Party, which, essentially, is the story of a group of old friends who sit around and rag on movies.

As Publisher's Weekly puts it:

A sort of Oprah's Book Club for filmgoers, journalist Dennis Hensley's movie discussion parties have allowed members to examine the merits-or weaknesses-of Glitter, The Sound of Music, Taxi Driver and other movies that have made a lasting impact on pop culture. Screening Party collects a handful of those saucy discussions, serving as not only a compendium of hilarious criticisms, but also an intelligent commentary on how deeply movies can affect our culture. On St. Elmo's Fire, one member asserts, "It's a good movie," but, after receiving a straight-faced, silent response from the group, reconsiders with, "Okay, it's not, but it's got so much nostalgia value." They evaluate the five actors who've played James Bond over the last 35-plus years-Sean Connery wins as Best Bond-and ruminate on the character himself ("James Bond is completely offensive," states one member, while another suggests, "I like Bond because he's self-created").

Dennis and a few of his friends (upon whom he based the characters in the book) are going to be taking over Tip of the Quill today to comment on life, the universe, and everything. I'll be stopping by every so often to moderate and throw out some questions. Folks, would you mind telling our audience a little about yourselves?


Hey, It's Lauren, from Screening Party. Since this is a virtual reality, I guess I could exist.Otherwise, what am I doing? Understudying in Avenue Q on Broadway? (How odd I would pick that)

Anyway if you read the book, you know that I'm Eurasian, so I was really happy to see two more half breeds - Dean Caine and The Rock making it to the big screen in somewhat acceptable movies. I mentioned it to a few folks. Then this 'full blood' guy tells me that they 'don't count' because 1. not enough people know that they are Asian descent 2. they don't go to rallies or whatever for Asian groups.

So then I went bananas and emailed my friend Eric Byler who has that movie out, Charlotte Sometimes, (which you all should see because it's kind of dark and there are hot sex scenes) and he's had that same arguement because in HIS movie he has a Eurasian man with a 'full blood' Asian male. So I would LOVE it if everyone here could fully acknowlege that Eurasians permeate the entertainment industry (add maniacal laughter here) and are set to disturb your genetic purity at the drop of a hat!

Now, about Meg we think the surgeon like, used the same batch of PARALOX that Edina and Patsy used in AbFab? Cause that s*** ain't pretty, the schadenfreude (happiness at the misfortune of others) part of me gleefully went to grab THE STAR, but then the responsible entertainment community member in me vanquished that urge and I grabbed an overpriced soy latte instead. Obviously now I'm shaky.

Sorry Guys,

Eric's movie has a Eurasian male with a Asian Female. Not male. That' would be Dennis's movie, Testosterone, which is making the film circuit.

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