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That is one fast cat.

Wow. I just upgraded to Panther (Mac OS X 10.3) and it's really swanky. Zippy. Pretty. Elegant. And Nick's absolutely right: I was unsure as to how well a brushed-metal Finder would work, but it's not the same brushed-metal as Safari or QuickTime – it's much softer and more subtle, which in my opinion is an improvement. I'd like to see Safari and QuickTime adopt the softer look of the new Finder, actually. It's really, really nice.

And Expose? Fantastic. I've been playing with it for all of thirty seconds and I'm already excited to use it in my everyday work.

I will tell you this, though: Panther has done what Apple really and truly means to do with these upgrades. I want a new Mac.

It's time to build Magellan. Just as soon as I get paid for this new project. Mwa ha ha ha.

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