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I want to wrap today's Virtual Book Tour stop here by thanking Dennis Hensley and Dave White for stopping by, and Erin Quill for her multiple attempts to access the system. We never did figure out what bizarro MT bug prevented her from logging on, but rest assured she was with us in spirit. Guys, it's been great -- best of luck to you!

As for the book (which we, astonishingly enough, didn't really discuss today), Screening Party by Dennis Hensley is a hysterically funny piece of work, shot through with the same kind of snarky humor that you cuaght a glimpse of here today. It's available now at, is a quick and enjoyable read, and is extra chuckleworthy if you watch movies. Which should be most of you. Go to, go to.

Next up on the Virtual Book Tour: the lovely and brilliant Carrie Bickner (whom I had the good fortune to meet at SXSW last year, and whom I look forward to seeing again next year). Take it away, Carrie! And thanks, Kevin, for organizing another fantastic event.

Good night!

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