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On Meg "Oh My God" Ryan.

I'm with you on the whole Meg Ryan thing, Dennis. The combined cocktail of her nude scenes in "In the Cut", the recent surgery, and the whole relationship explosion plus fiasco with Russell Crowe add up to one of the most horrific midlife meltdowns I've ever seen on the public scene. Which is awful, because I like Meg Ryan. I thought her character in "You've Got Mail" was fantastic, both sweet and funny, and she was amazing in "When Harry Met Sally" and "Sleepless in Seattle" – why can't these characters accept their typecasting, do what they do well, and age gracefully? God knows that there will be roles for Meg Ryan playing the same old Meg Ryan characters for years, assuming she doesn't completely turn off her fans with her recent ludicrous behavior. Jesus.

Let's see, who else has been totally messing up their public images lately? Harrison Ford springs to mind – I mean, Christ, a Jimmy Buffett earring and Calista Flockheart!? Dr. Jones, what the hell happened?


Are you like me? Are you hoping that the bad guy in Indy 4 tortures Calista by forcing her to, y'know, actually eat food?

(And, yes, last I heard Harrison was insisting that Calista be in the new one)

Leave them alone... Actors are people too... I'm pretty sure...

Well, that's certainly true. And they're certainly just as entitled to change things up or to weather their crises as the rest of us.

Still, this is the same reaction I'd probably have if one of my friends went out and, say, bought a Firebird to cover for his sense of panic about settling down... *cough* ;)

Well. He is an actor too...

It's Lauren, from the book - my 'link' thing didn't work. I don't mind Meg Ryan melting down - if she really went to town with the surgery it could be LITERAL and that would be fascinating. But let's talk about CHITA RIVERA, because I saw NINE last week (it's a musical on Broadway now with Antonio Bandaras, or as my sister likes to call him - Antonio come over here and show me your bare ass) and CHITA looks PHENOMENAL and she's singing and dancing and being every inch the star that you expect, she upstages Antonio. Now, she's probably had surgery...but it shows that there ARE places for women in the theater who allow themselves to age. And that is what is wrong with Meg Ryan, she's an ingenue who doesn't know how to do anything else. She needs to become a woman - maybe she should go to a Wicca convention and embrace her Stevie Nicks side.

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