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On dentists.

Just got back from the dentist for my one-week postop appointment. Apparently I'm healing nicely, have no sign of dry sockets (praise Jesus) and am well on the road to recovery. Rock and roll.

Now to figure out how to catch up for the lost time, and properly grovel before a friend for dropping the ball on a project...


Glad everything went well at the dentist! ALL RIGHT! ... and good luck!

See, it pays to take care of yourself and do things properly sometimes! This may be the only time on record that you did everything you were told. Glad you saved it for a biggie! Love ya!

My god, that is almost word-for-word what my mom said to me after my lasik surgery... hi, Mrs. Long!

Hi Shannon, Good to hear from you again. How are things in Georgia? Your mom is a wise person too, and I'm sure we're both extremely happy that our children can make good choices when it counts. Keep up the good work and say hello to your folks from us!

What can I say? I was drugged.

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