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My favorite part of the election...

Hi. Dennis Hensley here, author of Screening Party here on the third day of my Virtual Book Tour. I have a couple of other folks from the book, Ross and Lauren, and perhaps Tony who are going to chip in at some point. First off, I thought I'd mention that my favorite thing about the election was seeing Angelyne's name in the official font on the ballot. I was oging to try and see Gary Coleman's name as well but I didn't feel like flipping through all the pages. More from me, later.


My Favorite Part of the Election was that I have

retained my NY voting priviledges, so I didn't have to worry about who would actually BE Governator, I could just enjoy the Kennedys shilling for the Republican Party. Maria obviously has plenty of her "Gays' working on her wardrobe, she looks fabulous! But what do we know about the kids - are they cute?

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