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I've gotta work on those numbers.

This site is certified 42% EVIL by the Gematriculator

I'm not sure I believe in the algorithm being used, though. According to the Gematriculator, I'm 42% evil, my friend SarahScott is 47% evil (getting closer), Talon is only 30% evil (yah right), and in an unnerving display of synchronicity, Kate is also exactly 42% evil. The real proof that this thing is faulty, though, is that Nick is only 17% evil. Anybody who's ever met Nick knows that can't be right.

(Thanks, Tink!)

Update: Since posting about the Gematriculator, my numbers have jumped up to 51% evil. I guess the taint of the Gematriculator was enough to put me over the edge. Mwa ha ha ha.


My site is 84% evil, 16% good. Which is funny since I thought it was the other way around. What the hell am I putting up there??!??!?!?


Further proof that the Gematriculator is incorrect: my site is 94% good, 6% evil. Not exactly what you'd expect, eh?


Maybe we should just invert the numbers?

I came in at 35% evil.

And after posting about it, my evil number is dropping.

I think frankly, the thing's just an effort at self-promotion.

'Cause I know I'm a hell of a lot more evil than that!

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