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Faint grids. Ghosted images. Rich, subtle colors, like deep blues and gold and navy. 1-pixel white stripes. Adobe Garamond. Very very subtle drop shadows. Mishmashes of tables and CSS to get the layout just so.

These are the flavors that make up my designs. The site I'm furiously, feverishly finishing up (thank you alliteration man) is a prime example of all of 'em. Stay tuned.


hey, we need to figure out how to get my photos to you... should i just upload them to my webpage, make a fake index page, and then you can download them? thanks! ~carrie

That'll work! Or upload a .zip to your site and let me know the URL.

Here you go! It's quite a big file... it took me about 2 hours to get it online! Sorry about that!!! Enjoy! ~Carrie

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